International American University College of Medicine offers world class medical education for students from around the world. Graduates of IAU College of Medicine receive medical education preparing them for the USMLE, MCCQE, PLAB, MCI and multiple other medical licensing exams required for practicing physicians.

Founded in 2003, International American University College of Medicine (IAUCOM) is located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, in the southern district of St. Lucia. This Caribbean medical university is chartered and authorized by the Government of St. Lucia to issue degrees including the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. We offer a state of the art curriculum in Caribbean medical education.

Our mission is to provide quality medical education to individuals who want to pursue a medical career. IAU College of Medicine has played a major role in the development of the health and education infrastructure in St. Lucia and has provided training and education for hundreds of health care professionals and students around the world.


International American University College of Medicine is recognized by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). This recognition grants each of our students the right to take all three steps of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), which must be passed to become a practicing physician in the U.S.

The College of Medicine is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). This is an accurate and up-to-date compilation of international medical schools recognized by the appropriate government agency in the medical school’s respective country.

The College of Medicine is also listed in the Avicenna Directories which will be successor to WHO’s World Directory of Medical Schools.


Basic Science Preparatory Program (PostBacc PreMedical)

Many students who wish to enter medical school may have completed a large number of courses but may not have fulfilled all the prerequisite coursework. IAU’s Basic Science Preparatory (BSP) program is designed specifically for these students, similar to the PostBacc PreMedical programs found for students who wish to change their career. IAU currently offers the following courses:

  • General (Inorganic) Chemistry
  • General Biology
  • General Physics
  • Fundamentals of Biochemisty
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology

Please contact us for details on this unique program.

Texas A&M University-Commerce

IAU College of Medicine, in affiliation with Texas A&M University -Commerce, offers a two-year, 90 credit hour pre-medical program. Students who successfully complete the program (GPA > 3.2, see below) are eligible to matriculate into the M.D. Program, with no MCAT required. Highly motivated high school graduates can therefore attain the M.D. degree in as little as six years once beginning this pre-medical program. Alternatively, students may also choose to continue their undergraduate studies in Commerce and gain another 30 credit hours, which would make them eligible for the Bachelor of Science degree. Students who wish to take this route are still eligible for expedited acceptance in the M.D. Program.pre med tamuc overview Premedical Programs

Admission to the Program

Individuals who wish to apply to the premedical Program must apply to BOTH IAU College of Medicine and Texas A&M University – Commerce. To begin the process, click on each of the following links:

A personal interview with the IAU admissions committee will be scheduled upon receipt of all required application documents and fees for the IAU application. Overall acceptance into the Pre-Medical Program is contingent upon acceptance to Texas A&M University – Commerce. Please note that intakes occur only for the Fall and Spring semesters.

University of Bedfordshire

Beginning in the Fall 2013, International American University in affiliation with University of Bedfordshire, London, UK will be offering a three-year pre-medical program leading to a B.Sc. in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from the University of Bedfordshire. Completion of the program qualifies students for expedited entry to the Four Year M.D. Program of IAU College of Medicine. This B.Sc. + M.D. program can be completed in seven years as opposed to the traditional eight-year pathway.



The first two academic years of medical school– the Basic Sciences –form the “foundation” years during which students are exposed to a prodigious amount of material related to the content of Step 1 of the USMLE, which is arguably the most important examination for an international medical graduate (an “IMG”). Below is a table that shows the details of the curriculum to which our St. Lucian-based students are exposed. Each term lasts fifteen (15) weeks, and there are three terms per calendar year. basic science course list e1365695009528 Basic Sciences

The fifth term, or “bridge term,” is the final term of the Basic Sciences. During this term, students take an introduction to clinical medicine course in the U.S. (Chicago or Atlanta) or St. Lucia, then undergo their final preparation for Step 1. Students must enroll in a Step 1 preparatory course approved by IAU College of Medicine. For more information, visite the School site www.iaumed.com

The second two academic years of medical school consist of the Clinical Sciences. These years are spent doing clinical rotations (or “clerkships”) under the supervision of a physician (or “preceptor). In contrast to the Basic Sciences which are carried out in St. Lucia, clinical science course list e1365698902441 Clinical Sciencesthe Clinical Sciences are completed mainly in the United States or in the United Kingdom. For specific locations of the clerkships, please see the next section below.
To the right is a table that shows the types and durations of clinical clerkships. Students must complete a total of forty-eight (48) weeks of core clerkships plus an additional twenty-eight (28) weeks of elective clerkships.
In addition to completing clerkships during these final two years of the M.D. program, the students also prepare for Step 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge) and Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) of the USMLE, both which must be passed before the M.D. degree is conferred.
The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program is a post-graduate level 10-term program. The first four terms (the “Basic Sciences”) are offered in St Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean Sea; the remaining six terms (most which comprise the “Clinical Sciences”) are offered in affiliate teaching hospitals throughout the United States. four year overview arrow M.D. Program Overview and Admission Requirement. Successful completion of the USMLE Steps 1 and 2 is required before an M.D. degree can be conferred. Upon completion of post-graduate residency training, our graduates are eligible to license in all countries of the world including the United States and Canada.
The College of Medicine requires at least 90 semester hours (120 quarter hours) of undergraduate coursework for admission to the M.D. program, but recommends the completion of an undergraduate degree before entering medical school. The coursework must include the following pre-requisite courses:
One year inorganic or general chemistry (with labs)
One year organic chemistry or biochemistry (with labs)
One year general biology or zoology (with labs)
One semester physics (with labs)
One year English composition
One semester mathematics (calculus and/or statistics)

In addition to the above required courses, students are highly encouraged to take courses that provide a broad background in humanities, as part of the pre-medical preparation.
We welcome applicants from all over the world. Applicants who have completed their undergraduate studies in countries other than the United States will be evaluated on their merits. The applicant will be expected to have completed a pre-medical curriculum comparable to U.S. standards. All required documents, if originally in a foreign language, must be accompanied by a notarized English translation. All transcripts documenting post-secondary coursework completed in institutions outside the United States must be evaluated by an approved International Credential Evaluation Service. Please click here for an approved evaluator.
Tuition and Fees
Tuition at IAU College of Medicine is affordable and saves future physicians from the burden of finishing medical school with student debt. IAU offers interest-free payment plans and scholarships to qualified students. Current tuition and fees, in U.S. dollars, are as follows:
Tuition effective January 2011
Semesters 1 – 4 (St Lucia)
$6000.00 Per Semester
Exam Fee
$100 Per Course
Lab Fees
$100 Per Semester
Library Fees
$50 Per Semester
SGA Fees
$25 Per Semester
Student Services Fee
$150 One time Fee
Semester 5 (Chicago IL or Atlanta GA)
Medical Liability Insurance
$1000.00 Per Year
Semester 6 – 10 (US Teaching Hospitals)
$9500.00 Per semester
Medical Liability Insurance
$1250.00 Per year
Refunds and Deferment of Admissions: Please refer Student Handbook for information on refund policy. Deferment of admissions may be permitted on a case by case basis upon full payment of semester tuition. Students deferring admissions are not eligible for refund, beyond two (2) semesters; inclusive of the original semester of acceptance.
Late Fee of $100 will be charged if tuition payment is not received by the due date as per the invoice. Students will not be registered for classes unless tuition is paid. Please see the academic calendar for tuition due dates for upcoming semesters.
Health Insurance of $125 per semester is mandatory unless proof of coverage is provided at registration.
Clinical attire consisting of lab jackets, scrubs, dissection, and patient examination kits is a one-time expense of approximately $500.
A seat deposit of $1000, which is applied towards tuition, is due within One week upon receipt of the letter of acceptance from the Director of Admissions. Please note that the seat deposit is nonrefundable.
A housing deposit of $500 must be paid upon acceptance for students seeking to reserve off-campus housing through the university. Please note that the housing deposit is nonrefundable.
Note: Introduction to Clinical Medicine is only a 4-week course, but insurance must be purchased for the entire year. Please note that coverage extends into the Clinical Sciences if rotations/clerkships are begun during the same year.
We offer a number of scholarship programs to recognize the outstanding performance of applicants in various fields. Scholarships are awarded to new incoming students and are credited to basic sciences tuition for terms one to four. Scholarships are competitive and funds are very limited so eligible students are encouraged to apply as early as possible




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