Medicine in Caribbean

Some of the renowned World Class Medical schools can be found on the Caribbean Islands. Doctorate and Bachelor’s Degrees awards from the medical schools are endorsed by the governments in the Caribbean and the world at large.

Studying Medicine in the Caribbean is a smart choice, with a lifetime benefit. The Medical Universities in the Caribbean are well equipped with proficient Medical Facilities in line with the Modern Medical Standard.

Caribbean medical schools can be classified as regional and offshore.  The students in the Regional medical schools are allowed to practice in the school‘s region. While the Offshore medical schools in the Caribbean train and allow the students from the United States and Canada to return home for residency and clinical practice after graduation.

 Most offshore schools offer dual-campus programs, with basic sciences completion in the Caribbean; clinical clerkships are completed at teaching hospitals in The United States. The Caribbean Medical universities are globally recognized for attracting International Students, with their world-class medical facilities.

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